New Education

The challenge of education today and is struggling to create a road-map of transformation. And one who has started would realize that it is a really complex challenge because of the established norms, culture and reluctance for change and more importantly the fear for any opinion which would change the position of comfort which we are into. If one has the realization and a vision for initiating the change in education format and systems  he would experiment not really to prove but initiate change. Yes, to an extent it looks like that what Mitra talks about sounds good but is not-a-road-map. The road-map for change is multi-step process. And it is not-just simple lecture on TED or any other medium but a structured persuasion till the realization in mind-set happens. And along side making the impact with most important stakeholders who may expedite the process of change. It is, not a process which requires BIG resources but simple a change of attitude. And then aligning the efforts and available resources accordingly. Mitra has given a very structured understanding and logics and presented it in an interesting manner and that is well appreciated but where he leaves is : what we need to start.. rather than making a judgement, what is your effort to prove it or negate would be worth a discussion.

Is the cloud expensive? A population that cannot afford food or education can only dream at the moment. Can the existing educational system be improved using analogue solutions, until the infrastructure for digital technology is put in place?


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