312987_1731951655388_1136417219_31484415_715482867_n[1]I am a teacher of an secundary school in Balaguer, a city from Lleida in catalonia. I am interested in new technologies and how they can be used to enhance education. When you learn about new technologies and the issues that it concerns you can love this incredible open world. It is increase every day!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Marian – Great job… albeit that it might appear a simple operation to create a blog etc., it is what happens after this that is the real challenge… because it took me about 3 years to get ‘blogs’ right… mainly because they were too cumbersome and too time consuming… but what I learned in the experience … is that having not given up trying – I then was able to incorporate it into my teaching practice… and was able to engage certain students who made the most incredible blogs and it was ‘their thing’…

    • Thank you very much Steven!!! You are right. A blog need a long time because you start it but never finish. It is a very slow way and a hard work if you want to get right.
      Very grateful

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